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Mason OpenType

Jonathan Barnbrook's popular Mason fonts are now available in OpenType format.

The Mason OpenType fonts include the following features:
Alternates, Small Caps, All Small Caps, Proportional Lining Numbers, Superior Numbers and Scientific Inferior Numbers, Numerator and Denominator, and Arbitrary Fractions.

The OpenType format incorporates typographic features such as small caps, ligatures, old style numerals and lining numerals, all within one font file, thereby simplifying font management and usage. Do note that accessing these requires an application which supports OpenType typographic features such as Adobe InDesign 2 or Adobe Photoshop 6. OpenType font files are also cross-platform compatible; they work on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Registered customers may upgrade to the OpenType format for 50% of the OpenType price.
To order an upgrade, please contact

Handmade Ceramics
by Zuzana Licko

A new offering of ceramic vases is now available.
This collection includes an assortment of swirled stoneware clays.
Heights range from 3 to 11 inches.

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