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Revolution/Evolution  09.28.2014

Some 30 issues of Emigre magazine are featured in the exhibit "Revolution/Evolution" at the College for Creative Studies In Detroit.

The exhibition documents the "Revolution" that started transforming design in the mid 1980s. The then new digital tools and a shift in the perceived role of design within the culture informed the designer's radically new visual solutions. Elements of theory and the use of digital as the medium decidedly changed the surface of the artifact but not the vehicle, ink on paper.

"Evolution" includes recent work by designers where the invisible, the underlying system, is as important as the visible. Equally important to a segment of the work is how user involvement allows for constantly changing, mutable solutions. The designer creates the parameters and the user creates endless variations.

Includes projects by Danny Yount, Elliott Earls, Studio Dunbar, Trapped in Suburbia, Ed Fella, April Greiman, LUST, Studio Moniker, Typotheque, and many others.

Sept. 8 to Oct. 3, 2014, Valade Gallery, Taubman Center, Detroit, MI


Free Cardea PDF Catalog  09.22.2014

The Cardea family of typefaces is given its first serious test drive in this 32-page type specimen catalog designed by Emigre's art director Rudy VanderLans.

Cardea is the outcome of David Cabianca’s 2003–04 MA Typeface Design experience at the University of Reading. Cardea was designed to function as a text face. It is characterized by high contrast, subtle curves and crisp edges to create a typeface that is not shy to sparkle on the page while appeasing the reader with remarkable readability. It features three weights, each with accompanying italics, small caps, and a large variety of ligatures and numerals, making it an excellent typeface for setting lengthy texts in books, journals and annual reports.

You can download a FREE copy of the Cardea catalog here.


UNIQLO Loves Emigre (II)  08.27.2014

After releasing a series of tote bags and caps brandishing Emigre fonts, UNIQLO, the Japanese apparel outfit, has released a new line of long-sleeved T-shirts based on the designs of Emigre's popular type specimen covers. Check out the complete collection. They are available in UNIQLO stores worldwide or can be ordered on the UNIQLO website.


Design is a Good Idea Mousepad  07.08.2014

Requests for this popular item never ceased, even though it sold out years ago. So we decided to bring back Emigre's Design is a Good Idea mousepad.

8.5" x 7.5" x 1/8", with hard top (Lexan) surface. Only $24 (including shipping, worldwide), or FREE if you're in the U.S. and you place an order on the Emigre web site for $150 or more.


LACMA Acquires Emigre Posters  07.07.2014

All throughout the 80s and 90s, when we were having an absolute blast designing and publishing digital typefaces, books, a magazine, posters, music, and all kinds of graphic ephemera, we never stopped to think if the work would be of lasting value, let alone become museum worthy. We were enjoying ourselves too much to contemplate such long term thinking.

Luckily, there are institutions who dedicate themselves to thinking otherwise and who seek out exemplary work to preserve for posterity. So imagine our sense of pride and accomplishment when the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) decided, in late 2013, to acquire the entire set of 32 Emigre promotional posters that broadcasted the activities that Emigre was involved in during the years 1984-2005.

The posters were purchased with funds provided by the Decorative Arts and Design Deaccession Fund and the Prints and Drawings Council. They have been acquired as part of the museum's new graphic design collection initiative, which is a joint project of the departments of Decorative Arts & Design and Prints & Drawings.

We will be forever thankful to LACMA. We also owe a great debt to Chuck Byrne, who was instrumental in bringing our work to the attention of the museum.

We only have a few poster sets left for purchase, although these include a subset of the complete set of 32 posters acquired by LACMA.

Also, check out Michael Dooley's article at about LACMA's graphic design collection.


UNIQLO Loves Emigre  06.06.2014

Coming to a store near you! UNIQLO, the Japanese apparel outfit has always loved Emigre fonts. To underline their admiration, UNIQLO has recently partnered with Emigre to create a series of t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and totebags, using the beloved Emigre fonts. The tote bags and caps have just been released and are available in UNIQLO stores worldwide or can be ordered on the UNIQLO website.

T-shirts, based on the designs of Emigre's type specimen covers, will follow this Fall.


Design is a Good Idea  06.03.2014

It turns out that design is still a good idea. Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the "Design is a Good Idea" T-Shirt! This has been by far Emigre's most popular T-shirt design. It's been sold out for years, but we decided to bring it back due to continued requests from our customers. The great folks at will be producing and fulfilling the orders. White printing on a black Hanes Tagless Tee. Only $12.00 plus shipping. To place your order, go to


Introducing Cardea  05.05.2014

The Cardea family of typefaces is the outcome of David Cabianca's 2003–04 MA Typeface Design experience at the University of Reading. With Cardea Cabianca intended to mix classical and modern characteristics, and in the process he created a typeface that “sparkles” on the page, with high contrast, luster and crisp edges. The result is a type with a muscular or sculptural feel much like the work of artists Arne Quinze or Mark di Suvero.

Cardea was designed to function as a text face. It features three weights each with accompanying italics, small caps and a variety of ligatures.


ShowTime #8  05.01.2014

Typeface: Eidetic Neo
Client: Harper
Designer: Robin Bilardello
Country: USA


ShowTime #7  04.30.2014

Typeface: Filosofia
Client: Little, Brown and Company
Designer: Keith Hayes
Country: USA




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