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The Everything is for Sale Issue (1999)




In 1964, graphic designer Ken Garland and 21 colleagues issued the First Things First manifesto. It was a call to arms for graphic designers; an encouragement, as Garland put it, "to think about the opportunities for graphic design and photography outside advertising." Although written more than 30 years ago, the "First Things First" manifesto strikes us as being more relevant and timely than ever. Corporations are gobbling up the finest talents and the most personal artistic expressions to sell ever larger quantities of widgets.

First Things First reminds us that there are alternatives, so we reprinted it and built an entire issue around it. Includes articles by some of today's brightest critics of consumer culture; Thomas Frank (The Baffler), Carrie McLaren (Stay Free!), Kalle Lasn (Adbusters), Jonathan Dee and Kevin Fenton. Also interviews with Kalle Lasn and Chris Dixon, respectively the editor and art director of Adbusters magazine.