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The Apollo Program Font Set
By Elliott Earls

Think of these fonts as my "Vision Induced by a String Found on My Table" or my "Pieta" or "Revolution by Night." The grotesque caricature of the post World War One avant-garde, the ennui of the Venetian-poser-skatepunk, all tools at our disposal. Like the half-wit Karel Appel, flung cannonballish at circus clown canvas, I too paint (grunt) "like a barbarian in a barbaric age."

* 1993: Blue Eyeshadow; 1994: Venus Dioxide and Typhoid Mary; 1998: Jigsaw Dropshadow

Typhoid Mary is based upon the design of Peter Dombrezian's typeface, Dom Casual, with permission from Kingsley Holdings. (Dom Casual is a trademark of Kingsley Holdings Corp.)


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