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Soda Script
By Zuzana Licko

This connecting script includes various ornaments that can be combined into patterns to form borders or other graphic elements. The ornaments can also function as flourishes when added to any text set in Soda Script.

There are also 17 "repeating" elements. Any of these can be combined to form a connected pattern; mixing elements from the light and bold versions will add variety of density.

Most characters in Soda Script have built in connectors. Some, however, do not have lead in or lead out connectors to achieve a more pleasing appearance when they appear at the beginning or ends of words.
To achieve more fully connected text when unconnected letters appear in combinations, add the "connector" as shown below:

For example, to connect the W - o combination, insert the connector character. (Macintosh: "option p") (Windows: "ALT 0155")


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