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Emigre Books - Hard Sleeper (Dreaming Out Loudest)
Hard Sleeper (Dreaming Out Loudest)


By Peter Maybury

Published by Emigre

Hard Sleeper is the concluding part in the Dreaming Trilogy. Conceived and produced by Peter Maybury, this release comprises a 13 track CD and a 72 page book. Described by Maybury as "the detritus of pop," tentative shapes and melodies are pieced together through fragments of dislocated sounds. Drums, piano, analog synthesizers and guitars create an aural backdrop to the pages of the book, allowing music and images to travel a parallel journey through dreamy landscapes drifting in and out of focus - as if memories or thoughts that come to you while traveling, passing from waking to sleeping and other states of semi-consciousness. Maybury's work for CODE magazine, the Douglas Hyde Gallery, and the French Film Festival were featured in issue 45 of Emigre magazine.

72 pages, 5.125 x 5.125 inches, paperback in full color dustjacket, perfect bound, with CD slipped in back. First 500 copies presented in custom-made box.

Available to US customers only.