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Jeffery Keedy

Jeffery Keedy is on the faculty of the Program in Graphic Design, at California Institute of the Arts. He is known internationally as an educator, writer, and type designer. His designs and essays have been published in periodicals such as Eye, I.D., Emigre, HOW, Design Quarterly, Design, Fuse, and Print, and in the books The 20th Century Poster: Design of the Avant Garde, Twentieth-century Type, Typography Now: the Next Wave, and The New Discourse: Cranbrook Design.



Type Designers  

Emigre licenses its fonts directly from the designers who create them, who often spent years completing the fonts. We ask you to help us support type designers by acquiring proper licenses for the use of these fonts.

Mark Andresen (USA)

Bob Aufuldish (USA)

Jonathan Barnbrook (England)

David Cabianca (Canada)

Rodrigo Cavazos (USA)

Barry Deck (USA)

Eric Donelan (USA)

John Downer (USA)

Xavier Dupré (France)

Elliott Peter Earls (USA)

Edward Fella (USA)

Martin Friedl (Germany)

Sibylle Hagmann (USA)

Berton Hasebe (USA)

Frank Heine (Germany)

John Hersey (USA)

Jeffery Keedy (USA)

Nancy Mazzei and Brian Kelly (USA)

Zuzana Licko (USA)

P. Scott Makela (USA)

Conor Mangat (England)

Miles Newlyn (England)

Claudio Piccinini (Italy)

Christian Schwartz (USA)

Rudy VanderLans (USA)